The outcome of Engagements in the “battle to defeat terrorism” during the previous three days

In the context of the continuation of the battle to defeat terrorism in order to eliminate the remnants of Daesh organization in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, strong engagements broke out between our fighters and terrorists. After the latter attempted to attack on the points of our fighters using armored vehicles and dushka, our fighters managed to Repel the attack, destroyed an armored vehicle and killed a number of terrorists.

The coalition air jets targeted terrorist sites and destroyed several fortifications.

In another axis, our fighters were able to kill more than 20 terrorists, destroy the 23-caliber Dushka weapons and capture Hummer and Dushka due to strong engagements broke out with the terrorists, our fighters were able to advance a distance of 1 km and 18 points were installed.

The terrorists tried to attack the points that were installed by our fighters using heavy weapons, armored vehicles and random shelling with mortars, but our fighters resisted the attack and killed the attacking group and destroyed their vehicles.

Coalition air jets also destroyed several terrorist positions, vehicles and command centers.

In Hajin axis, violent engagements broke out between our fighters and the terrorists who used various types of weapons, including mortars, heavy weapons and armored vehicles, in which a number of terrorists were killed. Our fighters managed to advance 3 km and 61 points were installed after breaking the lines of defense and fortifications of terrorists during strong engagements that were lasted for hours.

Coalition air jets carried out several raids on terrorist groups and cut off their supply lines.

Our fighters also intercepted a queue of vehicles about (40 ones) used by terrorists, including armored vehicles and vehicles loaded with Dushka weapons, killing 11 terrorists and destroying a number of vehicles.

All the axes witnessed intermittent engagements until the moment of preparing this outcome.

Our forces managed to evacuate more than 1,000 civilians, mostly children and women, and to secure their access to the safe areas and provide them with all essential assistance.

Final Outcome of Engagements:

– Number of strikes by international coalition air jets : / 115 / strikes.

– Number of terrorists killed: /228 / Terrorists

– Terrorist losses:

 1 – Destruction of bulldozer number 3

 2 – Destruction of 35 defensive sites 3

3- Destruction of 23 sites where terrorists are holed up 4

4- Destruction of communication center 3

 5 – Destruction of weapons Dushka Number 7

 6-Destruction of a mortar No. 2

(7) Destruction of a military vehicle No. (6)

8 Destruction of an anti-aircraft weapon.

9-Destruction of a motorcycle number (7).

SDF. Media Center

5 December 2018


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