The outcome of the Engagements in the battle to defeat terrorism

In the context of the continued battle to defeat terrorism to eliminate the remnants of terrorist Daesh organization in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, our fighters resisted to the attempt of attack by the terrorists on the points that our fighters have already installed, and due to the Engagements/ 12 / terrorist were killed.

The specialists engineering teams involved in demining were also able to dismantle (9) mines laid by the terrorists.

Coalition air jets carried out several raids on terrorist positions and destroyed their fortifications.

Our fighters advanced from two axes each moved 1 km and were able to install 14 points after violent engagements in which a number of terrorists were killed, our fighters seized weapons and detonated two mines that were laid by the terrorists to impede the advance of the fighters.

Coalition air jets destroyed several terrorist sites and detonated cars and weapons.

Our fighters were able to break the terrorist defense lines, and advanced a distance of 700 and 27 points were installed on one side, our fighters advanced 1 km and 18 points were installed on another axis. While combing the area, the fighters found an armored bulldozer.

All the battle axes with terrorists are witnessing intermittent engagements until the moment of preparation of this outcome.

  • Final Outcome of Engagements:
  • Number of terrorist deaths:/ 30 / Terrorist.
  • Terrorists losses:
  • Destruction of a logistics warehouse.
  • Destruction of 14 sites.
  • Destruction of Dushka weapons number (2).
  • Destroying a car for terrorists.
  • Destruction of bulldozer number (2)
  • Weapons seized by our fighters:

  • Weapon Dushka / 12.5 / Number (1)
  • Weapon M16 number (1).
  • Kalashnikov Weapon Number (1)
  • Bulldozer number (2).
  • The mines that our fighters were able to dismantle: /12 /mines.

SDF. Media Center

7 December 2018

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