The outcome of the Engagements in the battle to defeat terrorism

1-Bagouz axis: The engagements between our fighters and Daesh terrorists continued in this area, and our fighters were able to advance 1 km and install 16 points, and due to these engagements, a number of terrorists were killed, others were wounded, while the rest fled.

In the evening, engagements continued on several points in this front, where the terrorist organization tried to regain the points and areas that they lost, and due to that number of terrorists were killed. Our forces advanced more than 1 km, and managed to install 14 points. And to enable its defenses to repel possible terrorist attacks.

The engineering units of our forces dismantled a number of mines that laid by terrorists.

Hajin axis-In the early hours of the evening, our fighters launched a violent attack on the terrorists’ positions and fortifications. They were able to make good progress in this area; 35 points were installed and a number of mines were detonated and dismantled that laid by the terrorist organization in the area.

This axis witnessed occasional intermittent engagements, punctuated by mortar shelling by terrorists.

SDF. Media Center


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