The public office is holding a meeting with Mansoura people

Al-Tabqa- on Sunday, the public office of SDF held a meeting with the people and administrates of local councils

During the meeting, the military official in public military relation of Al-Tabqa and its countryside (Omid Gabar) made speech where he clarified some points related to the region’s future, where he said: the Syrian revolution started and called dignity revolution, because the regime depended on inequality principals and discrimination among Syrian components, then it was led to serve the agenda of countries that wanted to achieve their targets in the region.

He pointed to the main role that Russia, Iran, Turkey, Sudi Arabia, Qatar and the international coalition Syria, referring to the danger that their greediness represent in aiming to build new Ottoman empire in the area.

Gabar added at the end of his speech that SDF that have more than 70000 soldiers and that made success on ISIS,  is able to protect the area and maintain the security, however, France, Britain, Germany and other countries that they will continue supporting the region under the umbrella of the international coalition and spread the stability ad security in the region.

SDF media center.



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