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The Reconstruction Committee Observes The damages to the bridges

Raqqa – The Rehabilitation Committee of Raqqa Civil Council continues its work by opening roads, removing rubble and earth mounds in city’s streets and neighborhoods, and extending new sewage networks to repair and restore bridges and waterways.

Abdulla Al-Erian, director of the committee’s work team, said: that the committee, after receiving many contacts from the residents, conducted daily tours to the villages where the floods were formed due to heavy rain, and due to that the bridges and waterways were out of service.

The affected villages included Raqqa Samra, Al Huss and Khas Ajil, where the team worked to meet the call directly and quickly to save citizens from flooding, repairing bridges and opening waterways.

He added “Al-Arian” that they have filled some deep valleys and put bridges on it, to facilitate the people’s movements, as well as to fill some of the trenches that were left by the terrorists.

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