Woman administration organized a poetry session in Al-Tabqa town

Al-Tabqa- The woman administration organized a poetry session in the culture center, the attendance list included civil administration’s representatives of the town, some poets and local people of Al-Tabqa town as well.

The introduction speech was made by the member of woman administration in Al-Tabqa ” Nasr Al-Akkabah”:

” the session is raising the role of the woman in society in many aspects, where she has her touch in society after a passing a long history of injustice that she faced in last years. in the past, she was marginalized and her opinion wasn’t taken into consideration” Nasr said.

Moreover, she emphasized that such activities are increasing the unity among society components, especially after hatred and disputation have been planted among people by the armed terrorist groups.

Some poets read some poems about martyrs who sacrificed with their soul to maintain the peace and safety in home, the poems also were about women role in society via raising new generation and how women stand with men side by side.

At the end of the session, the civil council of Tabqa awarded the poets with souvenir shields for what the creativity they showed in the session.

ٍSDF-Media center.

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