Women’s Council in Tabqa holds its annual meeting

Tabqa- Women’s Council held its annual meeting in the Cultural Center with the participation of a wide range of women representing the different institutions and bodies ( Women’s Committee, Civil Council, Union of Young Women, Internal Security Forces and Legislative Council).

The meeting aims to organize the work of the councils and committees, read the annual reports, discuss the work accomplished during the year, listen to problems that obstacle the committees’ work, and briefly explain the political situation at the local and international levels.

WALAA AL NAJI the official of Women’s Committee in Tabqa stressed on the importance of the meeting because it provides an opportunity to know the organizational reality of women in various fields, and explains to us the importance of women and their great role in the of liberation process, and the process of future construction and development.

At the end of the meeting, the work program of the committees and councils was set for next year.

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