HomedialogueYoung women: renewal and revival of cultures

Young women: renewal and revival of cultures

Hasakah – Under the motto “Young Women Renew and Revive”, the Youth Office of the Syrian Democratic Council held a discussion forum, which dealt with various issues and ideas related to young women and their role in society.

The forum was attended by political and social figures from all Syrian regions, representatives of political parties in northern and eastern Syria and a number of intellectuals.

The Forum began by a minute of silence upon the souls of martyrs, then followed by the distribution of brochures including the program of the Forum and extracts on the current status of women.

On behalf of the Democratic Syrian Council, Amina Omar, the co-chairwoman of the council, spoke and thanked the organizers of this forum and stressed that restoring confidence in women was one of the most important achievements of the revolution. It eliminated the outdated customs and traditions that prevented it from exercising her rights. To develop it in all fields.

“AL-Oamr added “Women continue to face significant challenges in the face of continuing injustice and repressive practices against women, and terrorists groups whose main purpose is to destroy trust and to spread discrimination and differences among all its components.

Siham Qariou, a member of the Joint Presidency for Democratic Self-Administration, spoke about the role of women in society: Women in northern and eastern Syria have become a model for their strength and will, manifested by their great faith in a common life that has broken the reactionary mentality.

She said that the basis of the success of the work is the presence of young people from different regions of Syria. She stressed that the democratic project that we are doing is the best solution to solve the crisis in Syria and stressed the importance of women’s participation in the coming stage.

A documentary film about Syrian women’s culture was shown.

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