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A fighter from my home

Al-Tabqa_ Ahmad Khalaf Al-Alo, originally from Maskana area, was  displaced with his family to Manbij then participated in SDF during the liberation of Manbij city by SDF and Manbj Military Council.

However, he passed the training on weapons in SDF academies, where he participated the battles of liberating Al-Tabqa, Raqqa and Dair Al-Zor countryside.

Ahmad said: ” I participate in SDF 3 years ago, after a big suffer we passed by the terrorism of ISIS, where I was arrested more than one time with different accusations.

Al-Ahmad mentioned that the civilians in the region suffered from injustice due to ISIS brutal behaviors, I participated in SDF in order to release the civilians from ISIS injustice.

Ahmad and his 6 brothers participated in SDf because they believe that it fights the terrorism, has a permanent principal of people fraternity and spread peace and safety.

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