1600 students joined Ain Issa schools

Ain Issa_ there are 3 schools of elementary, intermediate and secondary levels in Ain Issa town, where more than 1600 students are studding there, the second midterm season started in the town and teachers joined the educational process in schools.

In a visit to Omer Bin Al-Khattab school, we met (Uqab Al-Abed) the manager of the school where he talked about their preparation for the midterm season of the school and about the difficulties that they face in the educational process, where he said: with issuing the second midterm season, our school received 450 students of both elementary and intermediate grades.

Al-Abed mentioned the number of the teacher is 23 teachers with educational experience, where they joined the educational training round that the education committee launched during summer season to train teachers on the modern curriculum and teaching methods.

Al-abed added:

” we prepared the school with the beginning of winter based on the available resources of providing warm weather, in addition to repairing what is possible of what we couldn’t repair in last periods”.

Al-Abed raised an appeal to the Education committee and the humanitarian Organizations working in education field to provide more support to schools, where Omer Bin Khattab school suffer from the lack of water, more over the rest squares need repairing.

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