30 fighters joined the first course of military sweeping

News center_ 13\1\2019, Sunday, the academy of the martyr (Botan Turkman), affiliated to SDF in Euphrates district, graduated its first course (Damhat Qamishlo), it included 30 fighters specialized in military sweeping, the graduation started with military ceremony, where many women and men fighters of SDF attended the ceremony

The graduation ceremony started with performing military greeting, then it was followed by performing the military swear, after that, Military IDs were distributed on fighters.

However, Kani Ahmad, the commander in SDF made a speech, where he pointed that it is the first graduated round from the academy specialized in military sweeping.

the course aims to prepare the fighters to implement the assigned tasks to them in a good way under all the circumstances, time or place. However, he wished the graduated members the success and victory in implementing their tasks, moreover, the fighters received military training, theoretical and practical lessons, military tactics training and military sweeping methods.

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