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A brief on a fighter life

“Ahmad Al-Salal” from Raqqa city in the neighborhood of Rumayla, his married and has 3 children, he suffered the same from ISIS injustice.

He could escape from ISIS terrorist organization, where he was followed by ISIS with many different accusations such as being enemy with ISIS.

However, he joined SDF in 10\10\2016, where he received many military trainings on many different sorts of weapons in addition to political lessons in Al-Shuyookh village.

Moreover, he participated in the liberation battle of Manbij city and its affiliated villages (Sareen, Manbij and Karakozat), then he moved to participate in the liberation campaign of cities and villages of (Ain Issa, Til Al-Samn and Khuzayma).

Al-Salal participated in the liberation campaign of Raqqa and the countryside of Deir Al-Zor, previously in last campaign of Dair Al-Zor where he participated in liberating the civilians who were used as human shields.

SDF-Media Center.


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