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A fighter from my home.

The fighter (Salama Hasan Al-Salama), from Al-Mansoura town, east of Al-Tabqa area, has 7 brothers, escaped from ISIS terrorism to the areas that were liberated by SDF, before SDF access to Al-Tabqa area, however, he was working as a farmer in his land to help his family in life.

Salama joined SDF at the beginning of 2017, his goal was liberating the town from ISIS terrorism, to be one of the people who spread peace and safety in the areas that were liberated by SDF.

The fighter Salama passed many training courses in Kandal Academy, he was graduated with high performance, based on what he said, then Salama with other fighters participated in liberating Raqqa countryside, moreover, he participated in Al-Jazeera storm campaign, moreover, Salama wasn’t exposed to any injury during his participation in the battles, but he was sounded during battles.

Salama summarized the reason of his participation in SDF in a short sentence:” this is a power that believe in people’s suffer and fight for people and its gains regardless their race, or section, I can say that SDF is people itself”.

However, the fighter “Salama” focused on the main role of men and women fighters in SDF to liberate all the areas of north and east of Syria from terrorism, if they keep the same will to protect the region’s people from any violation.

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