A massive meeting to improve bread quality

Raqqa_ Thursday, the bakery and supplying committee in people municipality in coordination with municipality committee held a massive meeting with Raqqa civil council, in order to organize and coordinate the bread distribution mechanism, as well as studying the gaps that faces them and facilitating the work mechanism of all the bakeries in Raqqa city and its countryside.

The meeting started with a speech by Mushlib Al-Darweesh, the co-chair of Raqqa Civil Council, where he welcomed the attendees and explained the mechanism of facilitating the distribution of flour and bread as well as allocating the needed amount of flours for the bakeries, emphasizing that the coordination should exist between all bakeries committees and supplying committee at any gap exist in the distribution process.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim Al-Rasheed, the deputy of the people municipality co-chair, mentioned that the reason behind the meeting belongs to lack of flour material and lack of bread in the region, also to study the obstacles and gaps via  focusing on them and offering suitable solutions to solve them.

The meeting also included many questions such as the taken measures if bakeries are out of work in addition to other problems

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