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A tour by Martyrs families Office to the martyrs’ relatives

Al-Tabqa_ Today- Thursday (the martyrs’ families) office visited the martyrs relatives in the city neighborhoods to check their situation, solve their problems and offer them the needed support.

The administrate member in the Martyrs Families Office (Amira Muhammad) talked about these tours where she said: ” we do our visits to the martyrs’ families on daily basis, we visited 15 families in this week, where we listened to their problems and we could solve some of them.

During our visit to one family of the martyrs, the father of the martyr Ghasan Qabalawi, talked about some social and health problems that they face, also he mentioned what social media publish regarding the Turkish entering to north of Syria, however, the father of the martyr and the rest of martyrs were reassured about the political and military situation in the region.

 However, the martyrs’ relatives expressed on their pleasure and gratitude on the moral support the martyrs’ office offer for them.

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