Al-Hasaka district is setting up its new headquarter

Al-Hasaka _ Al-Hasaka district council set up its new headquarter in the city in the 5th memory of establishing the self-administration, however,many commanders, representatives of the civil institutions and civilians  attended the meeting.

The opening started by standing a silent minute appreciating the martyrs soul, then it was followed with a speech by  ,Samar Al-Abdulla, the co-chair of Al-Hasaka district council where she said: (we welcome all of you and thanks for attending the setting up ceremony, this center wouldn’t have been set up without our martyrs blood and our forces resistance, we promise that we will do our best to raise the civil situation in this district.

Abdul-Kareem Sarokhan, made a speech representing the self-administration, where he welcomed the attendees and congratulated the Al-Hasaka population for setting the center, however, he mentioned that celebrating the 5th memory of self-administration is considered a victory itself, especially the in the battles of (the war against terrorism) led by our forces.

Sarokhan emphasized that the self-administration came to organize the civil society in north of Syria, where it has been flourished throughout establishing communes, commissions and spread committees in different regions.

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