Al-Hasaka people farewell 4 martyrs

Al-Hasaka_ the people of Hasaka and its countryside, on Tuesday, made a funeral of 4 martyrs’ bodies, where they passed away in Dair Al-Zor countryside, however, they were buried in Al-Dawudya Martyrs cemetery.

The ceremony started with standing a silent minute for martyrs soul, then it was followed with many speeches, one of them was made by Abdul-Azeed Farman, the commander of SDF, where he offered the condolences to the martyrs families, and promised that the military forces is going towards its goal which is represented in finishing the terrorism, where he clarified that finishing terrorism stage has entered its last moment.

Fatima Hasan, the member of Martyrs Families Institution, made a speech representing the institution where she greeted the heroes’ soul, who passed away in the honor and dignity frontlines, she asked martyrs families to be proud of their sincere sons and daughters.

The ceremony was ended with over handing martyr hood charter to their relatives coinciding with revolutionary mottoes that glorify martyrs and martyrhood.

Martyrs are:

Rony Gabar, Muhammad Al-Sheik, Zyad Hasaka and Tawfeeq Laylee.

SDF-Media Center.


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