HomedialogueAl-Hasaka people farewell many martyrs

Al-Hasaka people farewell many martyrs

Today_ Wednesday, Al-Hasaka and its surrounding area made a funeral of 9 martyrs who passed away, where they were buried in Al-Dawdya cemetery.

The ceremony started by standing a silent minute appreciating martyrs soul,  then it was followed with a speech by the commander (Shyar Khalil), representing the military forces, where he offered his condolences to the martyrs families, and made clear that the achieved victories are because of those heroes and promised all the military forces will work on achieving martyrs dreams of puring the home from terrorists, as well as spreading peace and safety in all over the region.

Idan Ubayd, the deputy of the martyrs affairs committee, made a speech representing the committee, where he expressed on his pride of freedom martyrs who watered the peace land with their pure blood. He urged that how much  the barbary of terrorists and supporting countries aggravated, they will never fail the resistance and determination of our people.

The ceremony was ended with hand overring the martyrhood documents to their relative, this was coincided with revolutionary mottoes.

Martyrs are : Husein Al-Aswad, Muhammad Al-Muhammad, Loey Ahmad, Majd Sayad, Mahmoud Al-Awad, Ibrahim Al-Issa, Ahmad Al-Aswad, Salah Al-Najm and Ammar Naser.

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