Al-Hasaka population Farwell a group of martyrs

Al-Hasaka_ Al-Hasaka city and its surrounding areas’ people made a funeral of 6 martyrs who passed away in the countryside of Dair Al-Zor during the battles with terrorists, to the Martyrs cemetery in Al-Dawudya area.

The ceremony started with standing a silent minute for martyrs’ soul, then it was followed with many speeches representing military forces by the commander (Brousk Hasaka) where he emphasized that the victories made because of hero martyrs who drew victory road by their pure blood, he promised all that the military forces will continue in its goal of eliminating the terrorism and clean home from its dirtiness.

However, Waleeda Boty, The member of the Martyrs Families Office made a word where she started with blessing martyrs soul who passed away for their home and honor, emphasizing defending home issue is spread in the global opinion polls and was discussed in all the platforms on international level.

The ceremony ended with giving military certificates to martyrs relatives coincided with revolutionary mottos

The martyrs are:(Ali Al-Ahmad, Fawaz Al-Jarrad, Nabeel Nabo, Khalil Khulyf, Bashar Issa and Abdul-Samad Al-Khakaf)

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