HomemanshetAl-Hasaka Teachers join the self-defense duty

Al-Hasaka Teachers join the self-defense duty

Al-Hasakah_ today- on Tuesday, many teachers of education associations, in Al-Hasaka, joined self-defense duty.

However, the education commission sent a list of teachers name that have to join the self-defense duty, taking into consideration the healthy and social condition of the teachers as well as the time that they studied.

Malek Ali, the co-chair of education commission, emphasized the the joined teachers will be sorted to the administrative offices (finance and archiving offices), after they passed military and political training courses in Al-Hasaka district academies.

“The duty of defending home is applied on teachers to live in dignity via joining self-defense duty” Al-Ali added.

It worth mentioning that this is the 4th round that gets arranged by education commission.

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