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Al-Kallasa neighborhood in Al-Hasaka

Al-Hasaka_ Al-Kalash neighborhood is located in the north west area of Al-Hasaka city center, its surround with Til-Hajar neighborhood in its eastern side, and the old Train bar in the southern side.

However, it considered  the new neighborhood in the city, it was named by this name assembling Al-Kalasa neighborhood in Aleppo city.

Its population number is 12000, from many different sections and nationalities, where Christians are the majority.

 Most of the neighborhood inhabitants are working in the self-administration institutions and trade as well.

Faisal Al-Suliman talked about one of the neighborhood civilians who works as a commune leader explaining the neighborhood situation where he said” the self-administration worked on organizing and cleaning of the neighborhood, as well as planting the trees in squares at the middle of the neighborhood, where it was served well in sanitation and asphalting roads.

Moreover, communes, civil self-defense centers and local councils were established by the people of the neighborhood.

The neighborhood has health points, some bakeries, schools and kindergartens.

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