Al-Tabqa Civil Administration is visiting (Martyr Redur) regiment

Al-Tabqa_ representatives of SDF and Al-Tabqa Civil Administration members visited the Regiment of the (Martyr Redur), emphasizing the solidarity and integration between the civil and military aspects in the city.

Meanwhile, “Fawaz Muhammad Ali”, the co-chair of the People Council of Al-Mansoura town, during the visit, said:

” we did this visit as we are at the same trench, we are ready to fight with you against any threatening that affects our people and regions’ security”.

” you, fighters, are the determining hand that would hit the terrorism, wherever, it exists, we could liberate our areas from terrorism because of your efforts”. He added

His speech was ended with greeting for fighters in the front-lines.

The visit was ended with dancing, that all participated.

SDF-Media Center


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