Al-Tabqa people are memorizing 12 martyrs

Al-Tabqa_(the Martyrs Family council)organized memorizing 12 martyrs in the culture center of Raqqa, where martyrs relatives, SDF commanders , Democratic  civil council members, women council members and Al-Tabqa population attended the occasion.

The memorial occasion started by standing a silent minute for martyrs soul, however one speech, which represents SDF, made by Mahmud Al-Ahmad, the member of Fighters Families council of Al-Tabqa, where he blessed martyrs, emphasizing that martyrs are the once who made their buddies as a bridge to reach safe zone, we won’t forget their favor and their pure blood , we promise that we will follow their trace till achieving the victory.

Ahmad Abu Al-Reesh, representative of the council of Martyrs Families in Al-Tabqa, said :” we are proud on our hero people martyhood, who stood against the violators, and liberated people and home from terrorism, emphasizing that memorizing them is a step to glorify the great championship of martyrs”

At the end a documentary film was shown, raising martyrs pictures and some seen of their participation in battels .

The martyr’s families lightened the candles.

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