Arresting Turkish and Russian terrorists

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Our battles are continuing against ISIS terrorist organization in Rojava and north of Syria, where we achieved more wins and heavily hit the terrorism and end it.

However, in order to emphasize our determination of ending the terrorism, our forces are continuing to follow the terrorist groups of ISIS via collecting needed data and information about the activities of these groups. Where this process led to achieve significant results, whether by failing many terrorist attacks that ISIS planned to achieve, or via arresting many terrorist members who had main roles in planning and implementing  pervious terrorist attacks.

Al-Jazeera campaign, started in 2018, liberated wide geographical squares from the terrorism, where ISIS is about to be finished there.

the terrorist organization moved to the retake the liberated areas via its hidden groups, aiming to create chaos and destabilize the security situation.

Based on the information that we got as well as  the long follow process by Ani-Terrorism forces, we could capture the following terrorists:

  • Omro Ozon Oghlo, Turkish nationality
  • Abdul- Raquf Torany, Afghani nationality.
  • Muhammad Jawad Khan and Osmat Atayef, hold Russian nationality.

Those mentioned names were deployed in a special way to conduct terrorist attacks in Raqqa and organized hidden groups inside the city, however, they had a main role in launching terrorist attacks that occurred in that province, our forces captured them on 9 January in a special process.

It worth mentioning that the captured group had a main role in planning and implementing many terrorist attacks that Al-Tabqa and Raqqa exposed previously.

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