Fighter from my home

A fighter (Thamer Omer Mahmoud) from Raqqa, was living with his family, working in free work, he joined SDF in 2016, where he receive military training in the academy of (Faisal Abu Layla),in Manbij, however, he participated in the battles of liberating Raqqa and the battle of ( the war against terrorism) in the countryside of Dair Al-Zor.

During his speech on (Euphrates Anger) campaign, Thamer memorized the moments before the explosion of a car that belongs to ISIS, in Al-Darea neighborhood and how fighters could fail the terrorist attack after bombing the car, he also mentioned the liberation of many civilians by our forces during the ongoing battles in Al-Tayar neighborhood, after they provided them with safe covered corridors.

Thamer wishes all to participate in rebuilding Raqqa, each one based on his capacity and role, furthermore, he promised to put his weapon away as soon as terrorism his over in Syria and to get benefit from the work that he knows to rebuild Raqqa, however, he raised an appeal to Raqqa population abroad to return home and hold their responsibility of rebuilding their city as well as help their people .

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