HomemanshetForming a committee to check the situation of new joined members in the self-defense.

Forming a committee to check the situation of new joined members in the self-defense.

The self-defense committee in Al-Jazeera district formed a private committee (setting free committee) to check the situation of the self-defense joined members.

The participation in the round 34 of the self-defense has been started with the declaration of the establishment of Al-Jazeera district, where thousands of youth reviewed the recruitment centers in many towns, districts and cities to join the round.

However, the setting free committee which consists of 7 members of the following offices: information and studies office as well as legal advocacy and archiving offices was formed in addition to the co-chair of the self-defense committee to verify soldier’s situation before being distributed to the training camps.

However, the committee task is to verify the joined members situation, and setting free the members who are not included in the law of the recruitment.

 according to the committee, the youth are offering their documents to the committee to verify it in legal aspect, also in order to know whether, the joined members is assigned to serve in the self-defense duty, exempted, or the joining date is not suitable based on the self-defense rules and law.

However, based on the committee, the following cases are exempted:

1-the internal displaced people and refugees.

2-Martyrs families

3-the birth date which is not included in the regulations, it means less than 1986, in addition to the birth dates that still young and not required in military service.

4-the lonely men for his mother, who didn’t get his military self-defense book.

5-people who didn’t have documents that prove that they prove that they are at the age of the serving military, in this case, they study his situation via information and studies offices that they belong to.

6- military forces, in coordination with disciplinary military after verifying their archive.

 7- the cases that reported by medical committee and related the heath situation of the members who need to be exempted from military services.

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