Graduating 264 fighters from the Martyr (Juma Al-Nazzal)

Al-Tabqa_ the academy of the martyr (Jumma Al-Nazzal) graduated 264 fighters from different Syrian regions in its 4th round, the round was titled the Martyr ” Ahmad Al-Sattam”, however, it continued 45 days, where fighters received military trainings and political lessons as well.

The ceremony that SDF commanders, representatives of SDF and its affiliated institutions and committees in Al-Tabqa attended, started with standing a silent minute as an appreciation for martyrs soul, then it was followed with military exhibition,  after that, “Omid Gabar”, the official in the public relations office, welcomed fighters and congratulated them for ending the military trainings that they received.

Relevantly, he emphasized that SDF is continuing  graduating the fighters and training them, to pure Syria from the terrorist groups.

the ceremony was ended with military swear, they promised that they will be home protectors and shields.

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