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Martyrs’ Families Office offered condolences to 3 martyrs’ relatives

Raqqa_ Martyrs Families’ Office affiliated to SDF offered condolences to 3 martyrs relatives, where they got martyred during doing their duty in defending home and honor.

The ceremony started with standing a silent minute for martyrs soul, where representatives from the local council, Martyrs Families Council and some internal forces commanders attended the condolences ceremony, however, many speeches were made, such as Martyrs Families Office in SDF, via a speech by Hiba Fares, the administrate member, where she memorized martyrs and offered condolences to their relatives saying: (we are one people and we are united by people fraternity, disputation and designed plots by darkness countries won’t separate us).

Hassan Al-Alo, the administrate member in Martyrs Families’ Council, made a speech where she blessed martyrs’ soul and said: “we bless the sacrifices offered by martyrs to draw the dignity and pride road.

However, martyrs’ relatives expressed their solidarity with SDF and made sure that they will be loyal with the promise that they did to martyrs that they will follow their trace.

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