Homemanshetmemorizing two of our fighters, martyred in the attack that was done by ISIS.

memorizing two of our fighters, martyred in the attack that was done by ISIS.

To Media and Public opinion:

We, Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF, have been continuing our military operations, resistance and battles in unprecedented way  since 2015, the last stage of this war is continues in  (the war against terrorism) campaign that is going on strongly in the last areas under the control of ISIS, in Hajin.

ISIS terrorist organization which is about to be finished in west and north of Syria, is implementing suicidal attacks that target civilians to renew its existence in illegal way.

on 16 Jan 2018, at 12:38 in Sundus street, in front of Al-Omaraa castle restaurant, in Manbij city, one terrorist member of ISIS made a suicidal attack, where , 9 civilians were martyred as a result in addition to 2 American, a private security guard and one employee in the defense ministry as well as two of our fighters  who served within the relation and security committee and worked with the international coalition during implementing their task in that region.

the identity of our fighters:

Name: Judi Kobani

Name and last name: Wayso Fares

Mother: Zahra

Father: Saleh

 place of Birth: Kobani

place and date of Martyrhood: Manbij- 16 Jan 2019.

Name: Shyar Pling

Name and last name: Shyar Hamza

Mother: Halima.

Father: Saleh

place of birth: Kobani

place and date of martyrhood:  Manbij- 16 Jan 2019.

first, we offer our condolences to the martyrs relatives, civilians families, American soldiers families and our people. Although these attacks aim to disturb our struggle against terrorism, and force us to retreat in our steps, but on contrary we will continue our struggle strongly until eliminating the last terrorist member.

SDF-Media Center

18-Jan- 2019.

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