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Mines engineering in Raqqa city

“the mines engineering teams”, affiliated to the security internal forces in Raqqa city, is doing great efforts to maintain the civilians’ security.

However, the mines engineering teams are working in demining the planted mines, explosive cars and devices left by ISIS terrorists in the civilian houses, gardens and streets, and that led to many victims.

The teams are working on fragmenting the explosive devices, and transferring them to remote areas, where they can be bombed to get rid of them, these remained materials represent the most dangerous problems that Raqqa suffer from, meanwhile, the engineering teams are doing their risky task, where many of them got martyred during doing their duties to keep civilians and city safe.

Abdul-Hamid Husain, one member of the mines engineering teams, affiliated to the internal security forces, in Raqqa, said: ” as mines engineering team, we are removing mines from Raqqa in close coordination with local people and Raqqa civil council, where we receive the reports about the mines then we direct towards to the area, where mines are”.

Furthermore, he added: “since the beginning of Raqqa liberation from ISIS, we are working in demining mines, planted by terrorists inside houses and schools to keep civilians safe, we, mines engineering team, wish that Raqqa get clean from mines and other explosive devices, we also wish feeling of safety and stability in Raqqa city, plus, we ask the civilians to report about any suspected item and avoid touching it.

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