Offering aid to martyrs relatives

Al-Tabqa_ the Martyrs Families Office, affiliated to SDF, made a visit to many families of many martyrs who passed away during doing their duty in the battles of the war against terrorism.

However, the office members visited the martyrs’ families in Twayhinya and Hunyda in the countryside of Al-Tabqa in order to offer them the financial and moralistic support, it worth mentioning that this support came as part of what SDF does as a duty for the families of its martyrs.

Meanwhile, Amira Al-Khalaf, the member of Martyrs Families Office, explained the reason of the visit, where she said: ” how much we offer martyrs families, we still can’t compensate what they did for us, they sacrificed with their soul, and soul is the most valuable thing for human being, we promise martyrs to follow their trace until achieving justice, equality and spreading safety for this home”.

(Our forces in SDF consider all the freedom martyrs as forefront for our people struggle to reach free society) she added.

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