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Offering Condolences for martyrs’ relatives

Raqqa_ SDF, internal security forces, Martyrs Families institution and representatives of Raqqa civil administration offered their condolences to SDF and internal security forces martyrs relatives, where they were martyred by treachery hands.

The condolence ceremony started with standing a silent minute for martyrs’ souls, where ,Faisal Al-Salem,  the member of Martyrs Families Office, made a speech, representing SDF, where he blessed martyrs who sacrificed with everything to help us to get rid of traitor hands in the city.

Al-Salem promised that they will follow martyrs trace, and their blood won’t go in vain.

Najah Al-Hamoud, represented the women council and made a speech in Al-Rumayla, emphasizing that our people will resist until the liberation of all Syrian areas, she said: (we will fail all the attempts and plans that aim to destabilize our home).

 (our fighters brought freedom and their blood was mixed with home soil that was liberated because of SDF members, we highly trust them in protecting us from enemies, we have a strong heritage of martyrs’ blood, we will defend it as much as we can.

The martyrs are (Husein Al-Qasab) from Kabish Awsat village, Jumma Muhammad Al-Juja, from Raqqa city and Abdul-Azeez Al-Shawakh, from Raqqa city.

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