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People municipality is continuing its work of cleaning the city streets

Raqqa_ People municipality work at night shift, completing its project to return life to Raqqa city, where the municipality activated ,at night shifts , many labors accompanied with vehicles to clean streets from mud and soil that  left by heavy rain where it creates obstacles for transportation in streets.

The roads and streets get repaired by cleaning their surface from mud and accumulated soil in public streets, as well as filling the holes from cemental facilities.

Abdul-Salam Ismael, the hygiene manager in people municipality,  mentioned during his supervision on work at night that the municipality has allocated night shift team from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm. This plan come as seizing the opportunity of the good weather conditions and stopping rain statues.

Al-Ismael said:  ” the municipality activated many vehicles to transport mud and left soil to determined places outside the city where it gets thrown in Til Al-Bayaa nearby the city.

Al-Ibrahim expressed on his apology for suspending the cleaning process of the streets in the past due to the heavy rain.

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