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Projects to activate the landline phones in Al-Tsabqa

Al-Tabqa_ after activating the communication wired network partly at the beginning of the last year, the communication committee suggested a project to the economic committee via providing lines boxes for the region.

The project was suggested at the beginning of the current year by the communication committee affiliated to the economy committee in order to be implemented in case the needed capacity available, the project includes the provision of the lines boxes to the area of Al-Tabqa, Al-Jurnya and Al-Mansoura where they have different quantity of lines for each box (15000 line , 1500 line and 3000 line) in addition to providing facilities and work items (boxes cables) and special devices for the institution.

Although the institution is newly made in the committee, it could activate many lines in the official institutions starting from the national hospital that its work continued for 3 months, it includes 112 internal lines 3d, moreover, 28 lines were activated between other institutions where the project was implemented by the post office workshop, despite lack of materials and hard conditions.

Mahmoud Al-Issa, the manager of the communication institution in Al-Tabqa city said: ” we are continuing to do our best despite the lack of capability, controlling the net shops, where 240 permit were issued for internet shops in the city and its countryside, where each participant pay 4000 sy.p

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