Raqqa farewell two of its people

Raqqa_ Saturday, hundreds of Raqqa and its countryside’s people made a funeral of the two martyrs of SDF, however, SDF generals, some representatives of Raqqa civil council and local people attended the ceremony.

The cortege  started from (Raqqat Al-Samra) village to Al-Karamah cemetery.

However, the ceremony started with standing a silent minute as an appreciation for martyrs’ souls, then it was followed by military exhibition by SDF.

Many speeches were made attributing condolences the martyrs relatives, such as (Qahraman Hasakah) speech where he attributed his condolences for martyrs soul and said: (the martyrs who held weapons against violators to defend home insistently, tirelessly and without any hesitation to achieve goals.

Qahraman Hasakah promised the martyrs relatives and people of north of Syria to get rid of those conspiracies that are made for the region.

Regarding martyrs family’s institution, the administrate member (Ahmad Al-Sayaly) made a speech, glorifying martyrs where he said: (the martyrhood of our heroes today increased our glory and resistance against any violator that aim to target what we achieved in our revolution that achieved its goal via martyrs blood.

The funeral ceremony was ended with over-handing martyrs documents, their bodies were buried with women ululation and slogans that glorify martyrs.

The martyrs are: (Ahmad Al-Ayesh) and (Muhammad Al-Shoeb)

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