Raqqa is burying 3 martyrs of the war against terrorism.

Raqqa and its countryside people made a funeral of 3 martyrs who passed away in the battle of “scrolling terrorism”, against ISIS terrorism in the countryside of Dair Al-Zor.

The martyrs procession launched from Al-Furusya roundabout to Al-Hukumya cemetery.

SDF commanders, internal security Forces, representatives of civil institutions and tribal sheiks attended the funeral, where they stood a silent minute as an appreciation for martyrs’ soul, then a military exhibition was performed by SDF fighters.

Many speeches were made offering condolences to SDF martyrs, one of them was made by the fighter  (Mahmoud Al-Idlibi), where he blessed martyrs and said: ” we are here today to honor 3 martyrs, who draw greatest heroism epics in the battles that they engaged to pure the last enclave of the terrorist organization of ISIS in the countryside of Dair Al-Zor, we will remain going on their trace to maintain the victories that we achieved”.

Al-Idlibi promised that the struggle will continue as much as possible.

The ceremony was ended with performing the military exhibition, then the military charters were handed to their relatives, after that they were buried with mothers’ ululations and mottoes that glorify martyrs.

The martyrs are: “Shadi Al-Hammadi, Walid Al-Khalaf and Mahmoud Zaraa”

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