Raqqa municipality rehabilitated “Al-Juzra crossroad” road

Raqqa_ the people municipality vehicles worked in rehabilitating the road, where it removed the first surface of the road, filled the holes and leveled the ground, then crashed stones was spread, however the municipality is working on rehabilitating Al-Juzra crossroad, via spreading crashed stones to facilitate the transportation movement and people entry to their neighborhood in Raqqa city as well.

Ahmad Ibrahim, the co-chair of Raqqa Municipality, said that the municipality working now on rehabilitating the road of Al-Jazra crossroad, throughout, removing the extra materials, filling holes and spreading rubble of destroyed buildings, where the last level of the road will be covered by crashed stones. The road will be rehabilitated partially during winter season, to facilitate the transportation within the city and avoid  disturbing vehicles movement in streets, however, the crossing road of Al-Jazra will be ready nearly during a week depending on weather conditions, we will work partially on repairing roads in winter, but we have to work on asphalting roads in Raqqa City.

However, the people municipality work is continuing in offering services, asphalting and repairing roads, rehabilitating all the destroyed roads and setting up and repairing sub and main roads.

SDF-Media Center

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