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Rehabilitating electricity station “Raqqa 3”

Raqqa_ “power committee”, affiliated to Raqqa Civil Council, started rehabilitating electricity station “Raqqa 3” located in the northern side of Raqqa city.

From his side, Suliman Al-Ali, the manager of electricity stations in Raqqa, clarified that the station will cover the northern and eastern countryside of the city, where it will cover a distance not less than 40 KM with power of 20 mega wat, however, the work is ongoing to rehabilitate an additional station, with 10 mega wat capacity, to cover the neighborhoods of Al-Mushlib, Al-Sinaa and Runayla in Raqqa city center.

Al-Ali said: the work in station is coincided with workshops that work on examining and installing electricity cables in the mentioned neighborhoods.

It worth mentioning that electricity nets and sub-stations were exposed to stealing and distraction 97% during last 8 years, meanwhile, the population raised appeals on daily basis to quick the work of returning electricity that entered the city a month ago, as a first time after the war, via the line that link between the old bridge and people municipality as a result of Raqqa municipality efforts.

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