Rehabilitating the irrigation generators in Al-Kalta and Al-Marda villages.

Raqqa_ the organization of (|Developing Euphrates) is working on rehabilitating the irrigation generators, under the supervision of “Agriculture and Irrigation Committee” in Raqqa Civil Council.

The plan took place after Raqqa Civil Council launched its project to rebuild bridges above the main channel that was destroyed during the war, however, the project contains repairing the irrigation generators in this channel.

Turkey Al-Mushrif, the manager of Developing Euphrates organization emphasized that a memorandum understanding paper was signed with agriculture and irrigation committee to resume work on rehabilitating the main irrigation generators after discovering the damages, preparing studies to rehabilitate them in order to be ready for work again as they were before, these plans will be applied coinciding with the irrigation cut.

Al-Mushruf pointed that water will be pumped on 1\3\2013  from pump stations where 1200 Ha got benefit from them, in addition to 3000 people, regarding Ray Al-Marooda irrigation channel, it feeds 2360 Ha and around 5900 people.

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