Roj Organization…great efforts for demining 15000 mines with simple resources.

News Center_ within many activities organized by Roj Organization, known as RMCO, the organization sections directed this morning to the 3 locations affiliated to Ain ISSA district, after raising many reports by the local people from areas that are suspected to have planted mines, left by ISIS terrorists.

The Working group was divided into two separate teams to screen 3 points suspected with mines existence, left by ISIS, however, two locations were targeted,  the first one  was Al-Hisha village, affiliated to Ain Issa district, inside water pumping station, while the other one was in Al-Fatsa village, inside Fatsa water station (Sharakok), that is affiliated also to Ain Issa district. .

The organization was established in 2016, as non-governmental, nonprofit and   humanitarian association, its task is to remove and encounter mines, however, it implements its campaigns based on two teams, one of them is essential for the fast intervention, both teams are sweeping the liberated areas from ISIS terrorist organization, searching for mines and other left war items.

the organization is depending on local working groups, it deals with all people reports urgently and strongly, currently it has 9 hand screening devices (for discovering metals), in addition to Robot discovering device for remote screening.

It worth mentioning that this kind of work that is related to demining and demolish mines’ sufficiency is considered the most dangerous work field due what it may cause such as permanent disability or death in some events.”the first mistake is the last one” one member of the organization said.

However, since establishing this organization in 2016, three members of the working group passed away as a result of mines explosions, the organization has bombed and demolished more than 15000 mines so far, most of them were local made devices, left by ISIS, with many different sorts: (Lazer mines, sensitive moving, anti-men mines, anti-shield mines) in addition to war Ammo that are not exploded yet.

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