Safety and security is Women Internal security forces.

Al-Tabqa_ Women internal security forces are staying up at nights to spread safety and security and protect the city, applying the military duty that women hold in the check points inside and outside the city, to maintain the region’s safety from any threatening that they are exposed to.

Women are playing their active role in all society aspects, such as insuring the region safety by staying up late for the people comfort, applying law rules and capturing the criminals.

Sana Jubara, the administrate in the Women internal forces center in Al-Tabqa, during a meeting with her, said: “most of women internal security forces members, exist in the center are doing their tasks, such as standing on check points and exuviation, doing field mission tours and raids, however, their job aren’t different than men job.

Jabara mentioned the work mechanism inside the center: the Complaints Office is receiving the complaints, including family problems among people, adding that they are working in solving the problems via reconciliation and compromising.

However, she ended her speech, emphasizing continuing their work to spread the permanent peace and safety in the city.

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