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Setting up the second project of Cooperative house to encounter unemployment

Al-Tabqa_ today, the cooperative house in the economic committee, affiliated to the civil administration of Al-Tabqa, set up a new project to encounter the unemployment, it was entitled (Euphrates ladies), where the representatives of the civil Administration of Al-Tabqa who work in economic field attended the opening time.

However, the project included hand craft, sewing, textile yarn, pictures and decoration.

During the opening ceremony, some made speech, one of them was the co-chair of the economic committee (Ahmad Al-Suliman) where he clarified that the goal of supporting such projects is to finish the unemployment, developing the economic situation of the region and giving ideal chance to support the productive ideas financially in order to contribute in society development.

It worth mentioning that the number of beneficiaries of this project are 27 women and 2 men, while 11 sewing machines are ready for work, where each woman will have its own sewing, textile works…and other hand crafts.

However, the cooperative house offered what is needed to launch the project that its ownership belongs to its workers, as soon as they 5% of profit, it will be used to support other projects.

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