“Special forces” is graduating its first round in Euphrates”

News Center_ 16-1-2018, Wednesday, The special forces academy affiliated to SDF, in Euphrates district, graduated its first round of 120 fighters, entitled the martyrs (Shyar And Zagrous), the setting up started with military ceremony, where many men and women commanders of SDF and Women Protection Units attended the opening ceremony.

The graduation ceremony started with greeting for martyrs then it was followed with military swear. After that, (Kani Ahmad) the commanders in SDF, made a speech mentioning the sensitivity of the period that we live in as well as the role the special forces in this period, urging that the stage required an accurate implementation for the assigned tasks to us in a complete way. Moreover, He congratulated the graduated fighters for their course’s end, wishing them the permanent victories in their military life.

However, the fighters made military exhibition coincided with live shooting with different situations on installed targets, commando’s exhibition, raid exhibition and martial art exhibition as well.

It worth mentioning that fighters received military training and lessons on all weapons sorts, body fitness, commandos training and implementing special tasks behind enemies’ lines.

SDF-Media center.

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