Starting the first educational season In Raqqa city

Raqqa- more than 120000 students, Starting from the first grade to the tenth grade of secondary school,   commuted to the classes to have exams of the first season of the current year in Raqqa city center and its countryside, this was after 4 months they passed in their schools.

The spokesman of (Jawad Anzur) school (Ruyad Al-Murea) emphasized that the exams are going smoothly, in spite of  many years that they have been far from the schools, however, two rounds system were relied due to lack of qualified schools in the city.

However, Al-Morea added  the students did their exams in a good way, where this reflects the good performance of the teachers

Regarding the difficulties that the schools face during the exams period, there are many,  such as the provision of questions papers and printing them and provision of the answers papers that the students pay the fees, despite the compulsory and free education system .

It worth mentioning that these are the first exams that Raqqa students submit after  poor 7 years that the city and its population passed.

SDF-Media center

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