The academy of women council graduated its 8th round.

Al-Tabqa_ Today, the academy of Syrian Woman Council graduated its 8th round, entitled Martyr Dastan, where it included 39 female trainees from different administrative institutions and continued 20 days.
The trainees received lessons about the role of women in society, organizing, self-criticism and women history, the academy role is building ideas that improve the people awareness in building integrated society, with main needed principals and ideas.
. The graduation ceremony started with standing a silent minute for martyrs soul, then Nisreen Derik, the academy official, said: (the aware and educated woman can build home based on the ability and experiences that she has, and can spread awareness among society, especially the women that have a chance of education and training.
Derik women still participate actively in the development that society witness in north of Syria.
She wished that woman get a big role in building society and spreading culture.
The trainee Yasmin Nasir said: (my purpose is to join the course in academy in order to get benefit from our daily life in building human being and home as well.)
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