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The agricultural institution is preparing plans and projects for the new year

Al-Tabqa_ within many activities that the economic committee does in Al-Tabqa city, many rules were set to maintain the livestock and develop it.

However, after establishing the agricultural institution, a statistic of cows, goats and ships was prepared in Al-Tabqa city, the number was as following:

Ships: 117825, cows: 2491, goats: 382853, hen: 382853, camel: 9, the number of raising families: 31955.

The agriculture institution organized tours to the hen houses, exist in Al-Tabqa and its countryside, to check them and provide them with needed requirements, however, some regulations were issued to control fishing and organize it.

Sara Al-Sheikh, the head of livestock department emphasized that they set plans and studies, as raising lamps and calves under the supervision of specialized engineers, checking the expiry of animals’ medicine in the vet pharmacies after conducting field tours.

She added, we set projects and plans for this year, where we still study the projects, the families that raise the cattle will get benefit.

Ismael Al-Muhawish, one of of the cattle raiser in Al-Tabqa said: (the cattle market is refreshed, because of the continues rain that covered the land with grass, after we suffered from supplying the animals feed

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