The annual meeting of Raqqa civil council’s committees

Raqqa civil council held a meeting with its affiliated committees, by the leadership of the co-chair (Layla Mustafa) and (Mushlub Al-Darweesh).

The meeting started with standing a silent minute as an appreciation for martyrs souls, then it was followed with a speech by Layla Mustafa, the co-chair of Raqqa civil council, where she welcomed the attendees and attributed thanks to Raqqa civil council and its affiliated committees, for their great work that retrieved the city again.

However, during the meeting, the political situation and latest developments were discussed especially the ottoman Turkish threatening to intervene in our home.

Meanwhile, the committees exhibited all their activities and annual reports in Raqqa council in addition to what the council has done in different aspects of 2018.

After discussing and studding the suggested subjects in the agenda, the future plans that mainly focus on services were discussed, such as maintaining the electricity net, sewage system, educational field and other aspects.

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