HomemanshetThe clashes outcome in (the war against terrorism)

The clashes outcome in (the war against terrorism)

Our fighters launched a massive attack on terrorists’ locations in Al-Susa town and its surrounding areas, heavy clashes took place, where many terrorists were killed as result, however, our forces went forward and controlled many new points, this was coincided with the international coalition airstrike on terrorists’ locations.

Meanwhile, Our fighters went forward 1.5 KM and controlled 32 new points in other front-line of this axis, after a massive attack at the noon hours, this led to heavy clashes with terrorists’ members, many of them were wounded and killed, some of their bodies fell at the hand of our fighters, where they seized a big number of weapons and ammo as well.

However, our fighters took advanced steps and could control 7 new points, after clashes with terrorists’ members, many terrorists were killed,   and seized one trex.

On other front-line of the same axis, the terrorist organization tried to exploit the weather conditions to launch opposite attack on the liberated points, where the area witnessed sand storm and terrorist members raid at this time, however, our forces resisted them and failed all their raids, many terrorists were wounded, while some of our fighters were wounded in a different degree during the clashes.

However, our fighters launched another attack in other front-line of this axis, heavy clashes took place as a result where many terrorists were killed and wounded, moreover, 4 explosive motorbikes were bombed, in addition to seizing a number of weapons.

Moreover, clashes occurred in other side of this axis, where they could control new points, after many terrorists were killed.

 however, the international coalition launched massive raid on the terrorists locations, big lose were caused but we couldn’t know accurately the degree of loses.

The engineering military team urgently swept the region and demined the planted mines by the terrorists.

The terrorist’s location re-attacked opposite raid against our forces, but our forces failed the attack after killing many terrorists, while the rest escaped.

During the clashes, some of our fighters were martyred and others were wounded , then they were transferred to hospitals to receive treatment.

The separate clashes have been continuing in all the front-lines of this axis until the date of preparing this outcome report.

The clashes outcome:

  • Killed terrorists: 88
  • Terrorists lose: destroying terrorists locations: 56, destroying military roads, used by terrorists: 15, destroying explosive cars: 3, destroying mines factory: 1, destroying snipe ring location: 1
  • The international coalition raids: 81
  • The martyrs of our forces: 10
  • Our forces wounded :30

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