The clashes outcome in the war against terrorism.

Our fighters launched an attack on the terrorists’ locations, heavy clashed occurred as a result, moreover, our forces went forward 1 KM, in addition to controlling new 41 points, this was coincided with the international coalition airstrike on the terrorist’s locations.

Meanwhile our forces launched another attack on other frontline of the same axis, heavy clashes occurred as a result, where many terrorists were killed and wounded. some of our fighters got martyred while others were wounded and transferred to hospitals to receive treatment, plus, our fighters controlled new points.

On other front-line, in the evening hours, our fighters launched another attack on the terrorist organization points, after they realized some movement signs of an opposite attack on our fighters, heavy clashes occurred and continued for 3 hours, where terrorists used all the weapons sorts including mortars and rockets, but our fighters resisted them killing  and injuring dozens of terrorists, while the rest of them escaped, some of our fighters were honored with martyrhood and some were injured.

Heavy clashes took place between our forces and the terrorist organization in other side of the axis, when terrorist organization launched an attack on our forces points, after the raised from one tunnel where they targeted our fighters with snipers and heavy weapons, plus, one terrorist organization use one building as shelter, causing a big loss of equipment, however, our fighters swept the area and engineering military teams demined the planted mines by terrorists.

Heavy clashes occurred in other front-line of this axis, our fighters resisted the attack strongly, killing and injuring many terrorists, meanwhile the terrorists used investigatory jet, board with rockets that targeted our fighters locations, however, it was fallen and it couldn’t achieve its goal.

The separate clashes between our forces and terrorists were continues in all the frontlines, witnessed artillery bombing until the date of the reporting this outcome.

The last clashes outcom:

The killed terrorists: 63

Terrorists loses: destroying terrorist locations:61, cutting military roads, used by terrorists: 5, destroying artillery shelling locations:  2, destroying investigatory jet (explorer):1

  • The international coalition airstrike:67 shell

The number of our martyrs: 5

The number of our wounded fighters:7

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