The clashes outcome in (the war against terrorism)

The terrorist organization of ISIS launched a massive attack on our fighters’ locations in Al-Susa town and its surrounding areas, our fighters resisted the attack, heavy clashes occurred as a result, however, many sorts of weapons were used, many terrorists were killed and wounded, 3 terrorist women could leak nearby our forces and bombed themselves, then some of our fighters got wounded as a result.

In other frontline in this axis, our fighters monitored the terrorists who exist from tunnels, they were 5 martyrs, 2 of them were women, they attempted to target our forces, then they were killed, this was coincided with the international coalition airstrike on the terrorist organization.

Meanwhile, our fighters swept a massive square of the region, where they discovered Doshka weapons and ammo store, 12.5, M and 14.5 M.

In other side of this axis, the terrorists launched an attack on our force’s locations, using spying jet, but our fighters failed the attack and fell the jet, in addition to killing many terrorist, while the rest escaped, our fighters seized a big amount of weapons and equipment, in addition to 1 laptop.

However, the international coalition airstrike targeted terrorists’ locations, destroying them and killing many of terrorists.

On other frontline of this axis, the terrorists launched a massive attack on our forces locations, heavy clashes occurred as a result, where it continued for many hours, many terrorists were killed and others wounded, 2 terrorist women were within them were they did suicidal operation via bombing themselves by explosive devices that they wore. One of our fighters was martyred, and 3 others were wounded, moreover, our fighters could arrest many terrorists including 2 women.

Our fighters fell a spying jet that belong the terrorists in other front-line of this axis, after the terrorist organization attempt to launch an opposite attack on our fighters’ locations, our fighters seized on warehouse that include Doshka weapons (14.5), in addition to BKC Ammo, and lso they fragmented an explosive car that was planned to be bombed between our forces.

The separate clashes were continuing in all the frontlines with many mortars’ shells.

The clashes last outcome:

The killed terrorists: 143

The international coalition airstrike: 143 shells.

The weapons and equipment seized by our fighters: seizing a big amount of weapons as following:

-Zagros weapons, doshka weapons (12.5), Aspejino rockets and weapons, Doshka weapons 14.5, sniper weapons (14.5) M, snipers bullets stores, night binoculars, day binoculars, snipers weapons, klashinkov weapons, RBG mortars, BKC, BKC bullets, hunting weapons, Shyar weapons, A4 weapons, Turkish weapons G3, small and big mines, Mortars artilleries 120m, commuters: 2, store (wasn’t known how many inside), Doshka store 12.5 m, Doshka 14.5 m.

In other store many facilities were discovered as following:1 Klashinkove weapons:4, 2. Mortars artillery 120 m :3, 3 mortars artillery 80 m,4  mortars artillery: 60 m: 1, Aspingo weapons:2, 6. A store of doshka weapons 14.5 m, BKC ammo.

  • Terrorists loses: destroying 97 locations of terrorists, cutting military roads used by terrorists: 8, destroying many explosive locations: 8, destroying terrorists tunnel:1, destroying spying jets: 2.
  • The martyrs within our forces: 4
  • The wounded mmbers within our forces: 10 fighters
  • SDF-Media Center.


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